We found a nice variety of the FREESEXINTHEMOUTH.COM IS NOT A CRIME stickers when searching the hashtag on Instagram. Have you seen one around town? Tag @freemouthsex !!!





A week out in LA has me appreciating the ‘cleanliness’ of New York. Yes, the weather is amazing out there, but paradise comes with a price. As a Lyft driver told me, “welp, this IS the place to be homeless!”

Los Angeles’ homeless population has grown to well over 30,000; that’s about a 50% increase from just 2 years ago. Couple that with the lack of rain, and you get a dirty city scape covered in decades of urine that is never washed away.

Anthony Kiedis’ “Under the bridge downtown” is still relevant in an increasingly ‘nicer’ dowtown LA.

Yes, downtown is on the rise, with several new buildings and luxury living complexes popping up, but its still very much the home to skid row.

Found a sexmobile in downtown


But its always a good time in LA. The western parts of the city near the beach, where its hard to find a spot under 2 grand a month, are beautiful and throbbing with activity.

Walked around Venice and found a flamingo boat


Flamingo street art was lit



You used to call me from a pay phone




$$$ // Flamingo Money

We just launched our new shop. We were going to simply put up a FreeSexInTheMouth shop then figured maybe that wouldn’t be suitable for some people who may want to do some internet shopping from work.

And lets face it, we want people to buy our shit from everywhere! Buy a ‘SexInTheMouth’ t shirt from church. Buy our ‘ #GothTrap ‘ tee during a meeting. From anywhere!

But anywho, to make it a little less sketchy, we’ve named our merch & shop brand FLAMINGO MONEY. Its still us. Its just a nicer name for when you want to shop some gear on a work computer, or maybe you want to tell your grandma to check our shirts out without having to explain what FREESEXINTHEMOUTH is. We got you.