FREESEXINTHEMOUTH.COM IS NOT A CRIME. It’s the brainchild of Francis Easy aka White Shiest. The original blog was launched in 2008 and chronicled his adventures around the world as he partied with beautiful women, hung out with famous rappers, and generally got into all sorts of shenanigans. Francis plastered the world with his infamous ‘FREESEXINTHEMOUTH.COM IS NOT A CRIME’ stickers; infact, odds are that one of those stickers is what led you here in the first place, am I right?!

Original Blog: http://sexinthemouth.blogspot.com


FREESEXINTHEMOUTH.COM is still not a crime. After a 5 year hiatus, the blog is back with a new website and fresh new gear available on our new Flamingo Money Shop. The founder, Francis Easy, is still in the loop and will be posting periodically, and we’ll have an expanding team of new contributors in the coming months.


You’re gonna die.



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